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Our Roots


Who are we?

We are Raw Aliments, a brand committed to bringing you the highest quality supplements when you need it most. Raw Aliments believes that the natural environment is the best pharmacy known to man. It is this belief that drives us to deliver the best quality of ingredients in our supplements while simultaneously ensuring we do no harm. We offer uniquely formulated and lab tested nutritious wellness products powered by ancient traditions and supported by the latest scientific literature.

Our Mission

At Raw Aliments, we wholeheartedly adhere to the notion that the body is able to heal and rejuvenate itself when supplied with the powerful and prolific medicines of Mother Nature. We are not original in this understanding and belief. Our ancestors knew this. Many traditional cultures still do. Yet, when we look at contemporary society and all its supposed advancements in health, knowledge, and technology, we see an almost complete ignorance, if not denial, of natural, raw, and holistic medicines and their health benefits. This is why we at Raw Aliments are combining the power of traditional knowledge with modern science to combat said ignorance that is wreaking havoc on Americans’ physical and mental health daily. Some of these conditions that are most destructive to a healthy body and youthful rejuvenation are caused by chronic inflammation associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and joint diseases, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), obesity, and allergies.

Our first two products, Raw Aliments Vitamin D3 5000 IU capsules and Raw Aliments Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 1000 mg capsules, were forged from some of the strongest ingredients our planet has to offer in order to alleviate some of the most pervasive and chronic ailments facing the nation today.

One such condition is the diabetes epidemic ravaging the U.S. Our ACV capsules were produced with the knowledge that diet and exercise could battle this disease but would be boosted by the pathogen-fighting, glucose- lowering probiotic within ACV known as “The Mother.” Most other ACV brands have the “The Mother” removed. We stuck to our gut (no pun intended) and kept the raw potency of this natural pharmaceutical. With just two capsules a day, in addition to diet and exercise, the body will be able to recalibrate and heal itself. As we see it, there is no need for unnatural medicines that are pushed on sick people every day and that often have negative side effects. Conversely, Raw Aliments uses nature to ease multiple maladies. Made with kelp powder, grapefruit fiber, and Vitamin B6, our ACV capsules can also help with digestion problems, boost the immune system, and relieve asthma symptoms among many other benefits and uses.

Aside from promoting physical well-being, our products also stimulate mental well-being and health. We believe that when the mind suffers so does the body and vice-versa. Thus, mental well-being is essential to overall health and rapid rejuvenation. Our Vitamin D3 capsules are a healthy and convenient alternative to many of the often dangerous (and man-made) antidepressants on the market. Most people obtain Vitamin D3 as a result of a reaction from sunlight meeting a person’s skin. However, due to modern work environments and the particularities of different geographic regions, people in the U.S. and around the world are largely Vitamin D3 deficient. One consequence of this deficiency can be depression; another result can be a lack of concentration. Our Vitamin D3 capsules take the same raw power of the sun and make it readily and steadily consumable so that regardless of work environment, season, or geographic region, you have a clear, bright day. Additionally, our Vitamin D3 capsules support the immune system, boost the metabolism, improve muscle function, support bone density, and enhance overall brain health amongst other holistic health functions. Raw Aliments Vitamin D3 capsules encapsulate the important and equal roles both the body and mind play in maintaining optimal health and the ability to heal oneself.

As of now, we are already in the process of coming out with a new Raw Aliments product: turmeric capsules, which are meant to battle chronic inflammation and associated pain(s). As for the future, we aim to continue learning and growing as well as sharing and educating. Our focus will continue to be about what’s best for the body and mind and how to use the natural environment to nurture our overall health. Continuing to combine the best of ancient knowledge and modern science, we will grow in our understanding of how the body and mind heal and rejuvenate themselves.

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